Municipalities/Governmental Agencies

Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley is a major provider of insurance services for over 100 municipalities in the Lehigh Valley vicinity as well as Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.  We are one of the largest providers of Municipal Insurance in Pennsylvania and represent many of the key insurance companies specializing in municipalities, authorities and regional police departments.  Supporting many county and state associations through memberships and/or exhibiting at annual conventions is always our focus.  The experience and knowledge of our employees enable us to be intimately familiar with the full range of coverage, claims, and risk management issues for municipalities.  Our office has helped local governments with unusual claims, litigation, cancellation of policies, and finding insurance for unusual exposures like recreation centers, golf courses, mechanical rides, fireworks, special events, etc.


  • Reduce your up front premium through group purchasing.
  • Give you long term cost stabilization.
  • Offer enrollment in dividend programs:
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Police Liability
  • Package (fire, auto, liability)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bring your coverage up to par with other municipalities
  • Develop reasonable loss control measures to help assure future dividends and long term premium stability
  • Implement specific programs to reduce Workers Compensation costs

We provide solutions for the insurance issues facing municipalities today:

  • Affordable Workers Compensation with the potential to receive dividends.
  • Assistance in setting up a Workers Compensation safety committee and receiving an annual 5% discount, which recent legislation makes permanent.
  • Exclusive programs with preferred pricing for our clients only.
  • Health Insurance and other group benefits.
  • Insurance for unusual and hard to place operations.


  • Frequent service calls throughout the year to address changes and/or questions.
  • Attendance at board meetings to address insurance issues as needed.
  • Appraisals of buildings to estimate replacement cost.
  • On site Risk Management courses to reduce injury and liability.
  • Periodic review of claims to highlight potential problem areas.
  • A semi-annual meeting with all our municipalities to discuss key concerns and find ways to reduce premium cost.
  • Offering of classes in insurance basics and Errors and Omissions liability to better educate our clients.
  • Assist with setting up a Workers Compensation safety committee to obtain an annual credit of 5%.
  • Provide Motor Vehicle reports on drivers.
  • Comparison of current coverages to available coverages.
  • Bid spec review for contract work.
  • Defensive driving analysis.
  • Pre-Unit report analysis.
  • Renewal Marketing Analysis.