Risk Management

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“We take an aggressive approach towards safety by investing our time and providing solutions to help our customers achieve measurable results”

Our investment of time and professional skill to fully analyze and understand your concerns, your business and business culture, and your operations and safety practices leads to an understanding and recognition of typical hazards and uncovers hidden exposures not generally considered in your safety plan.


Once the analysis is completed, we will deliver solid customized strategies to assist you in achieving your objectives and to implement monitors to help assure success longitudinally. We will help you improve your bottom line.

Incidents, Accidents, and Losses cost you time and money. Our job is to discover and then help you attack the real reasons bad things happen to good organizations.

  • Together We must invest our skills and analytic ability to find out where unmanaged exposures exist.

  • Together We can find the best solution to manage those exposures.

  • Together We will develop methods and procedures to implement key strategies to manage your exposures.

  • Together We Can Control Your Losses.


  • On-Site Safety and Risk Management Assessment.
  • Development of a Comprehensive Risk Management Plan.
  • Compliance and Accreditation Based Physical Plant Inspections.
  • Development of an Individualized Safety and Risk Management Manual.
  • Aggressive Claims Management.
  • Mentoring for Your Safety Officer and/or Risk Manager.
  • Develop Internal Controls to Minimize Losses.
  • Development of a Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Program.
  • Customize Training Programs, such as Ethical Boundaries, Sexual Harassment and Cultural Competence, Safety Committee Development and Training, Defensive Driving, Clinical Systems Risk Management.


  • Custom-Tailored Risk Management/Loss Control Programs to Fit Your Organizations Unique Needs.
  • Quality and Timely Risk Assessment and Loss Prevention Services.
  • Wide Range of Products and Safety Resources.
  • Insurability.
  • Risk Management/Loss Control Information Line.
  • Safety and Health VHS and DVD Lending Library – free checkouts of the following videos (those marked with the * are on VHS, all others are on DVD):
  • Accident Reporting*
  • Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack
  • A Practical Approach to Ladder Safety
  • Back Basics – Back Injury Prevention (Healthcare)
  • Back Safety
  • Back Safety for Home Care Workers*
  • Best’s Loss Control Manual
  • Bloodborne Pathogens: Bloodbug Barriers*
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for the Workplace*
  • Distracted Driving – NEW!
  • Effective Safety Committees*
  • Emotional Wreck
  • Evaluating Near Misses*
  • Fire Extinguishers*
  • Fire Prevention in the Office
  • Fire Safety: Everyone’s Job
  • First Aid: Until Help Arrives
  • Forklift Safety*
  • Hazard Communication: A Healthy Responsibility*
  • Healthcare Safety Orientation*
  • Healthcare Violence*
  • Heat Stress *
  • Home Health Safety Orientation*
  • Home Healthcare Violence: Be Smart, Be Safe*
  • How to Prevent Slips and Falls*
  • Human Behavior – Reducing Unsafe Acts*
  • Injuries and Illness Prevention Plans*
  • Introduction to Fall Production
  • Introduction to Special Education Bus Driving
  • Investigating Accidents*
  • It’s Your Back, Don’t Break It: Back Safety for Home Health*
  • Job Safety Hazards – Quick Clip
  • Lifting Patients from Beds*
  • Lockout / Tagout*
  • Lockout / Tagout of Energy Sources
  • Machine Guarding – NEW!
  • Office Ergonomics*
  • Overexertion: Injury Prevention*
  • Poisonous Plant Safety*
  • Powered Pallet Jack Safety*
  • Preventing Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Preventing Disease Transmission*
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment – Employees*
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment – Managers & Supervisors*
  • Pro Active Safety – The Total Quality Approach*
  • Right to Know for Home Care Workers*
  • Safety in the Kitchen
  • Safety Matters*
  • Safety Wise Guys: Fire Safety
  • Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: New Perspectives*
  • Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: New Perspectives
  • Slips, Trips & Falls – NEW!
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls, Real-Life
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: Taking the Right Steps
  • Snowplow Safety on the Road
  • Steps for Safe Lifting and Carrying*
  • Think Safe: Home Security*
  • Transporting Passengers with Special Needs*
  • Tuberculosis Awareness*
  • Winning Workforce: Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Violence

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