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Brown & Brown was one of the Lehigh Valley’s first insurance brokerages to offer risk management and loss control services to our clients.  First formed in 1990, Charles G. Curie, M.A., A.C.S.W., former Administrator of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), pioneered an alliance with RCPA, and successfully convinced insurance companies to overcome stigmas surrounding this industry. His unique perspective, gained by serving in the mental and behavioral health field, not only provided credibility with non-profits across the United States, but also allowed him to facilitate discussions with insurance companies to alleviate fears in writing these organizations.  We eventually gained significant momentum in writing insurance programs for non-profits across the country.  


In 1995, Brian Block, who holds a PhD in Psychology and served as an Executive Director at non-profit organization, was hired to lead the Risk Management department.  His expertise in the health and human services industry and risk management, paved the way to expand our capabilities.  Under his direction, the focus was expanded to employee training, site safety inspections, and loss analysis.

Today, the health and human services industry is one of our largest niches in the Bethlehem office, and is led by Lisa A. Bellis ARM, CSM, CIC, CRIS.  She comes to Brown & Brown with over 31 years’ experience in managing risk and helping organizations achieve their goals. As an authorized OSHA outreach instructor, she brings with her knowledge of OSHA regulations; expanding the department’s services to include monthly safety webinars, industry benchmarking, cost projections, mock OSHA audits, and aggressive claim reviews.  Our philosophy is best in class, with continual improvements in services to our clients.


The risk management team at Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley provides unparalleled services to assist our clients in achieving their safety and profit objectives.  Through a detailed analysis of your organization’s operations, procedures, and facilities, we will provide you with an understanding and awareness of the exposures that threaten those objectives.  Our team of professionals provides you with comprehensive training, resources, and strategic options to best compliment your goals.

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Lisa A. Bellis


Certified Praesidium Guardian ™

Senior Vice President, Risk Management & Loss Control

E:  [email protected]
O: (610) 694-1807
M: (610) 348-7986

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Gordon Smoko


Senior Risk Manager

E:  [email protected]
O: (610) 694-1880
M: (610) 747-0196


    • Aggressive Claim Negotiations & Regular Reviews
    • Safety Committee Development & Certification Training
    • Performance Analysis & Benchmarking
    • Experience Mod Projection & Analysis
    • Site Safety Inspections
    • Employee Training
    • Fleet Safety Manual Development
    • Performance Analysis
    • National Safety Council Certified Defensive Driving
    • Behind-the-Wheel Driver Evaluations
    • Aggressive Claim Negotiations & Regular Reviews
    • Abuse & Molestation Policies & Procedures
    • Abuse & Molestation Prevention Training
    • Performance Analysis
    • Aggressive Claim Negotiations & Regular Reviews
    • Site Safety Inspections
    • Mock OSHA Audits
    • Fire Sprinkler System Analysis
    • Property Valuation & Write-Up
    • Infrared Thermal Technology to Detect Hot Spots
    • Hold Harmless & Indemnification Reviews
    • Contract Reviews
    • Safety Manual Development
    • Policies & Procedures Templates
    • Employee Training
    • Webinars
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In 2014, due to an overwhelming demand for employee training, we launched our live webinar series.  This allowed our team to reach a broader audience on a variety of safety topics.  Today, this series is offered live each month, as well as on-demand.

Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley 2021 Webinars

  • November 22nd @ 10 AM – 11 AM
    Safety Committee Certification
  • December 6th @ 10 AM – 11 AM
    Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, Bullying & Diversity
  • December 15th @ 1 PM – 2 PM
    Safety Committee Certification

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There is hardly a business, industrial or professional insurance situation that has not presented itself to Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley – our commercial customers include General Business and Construction, Health and Human Services (including Child Welfare and Schools), Transportation and Towing, Community Associations, Governmental Entities, and Religious Institutions. And on a more personal note, insurance is available for your home and autos, recreational vehicles and watercraft, fine art, jewelry and other collectables.