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Predicting the future with health benefits is not an exact science.  Insurance carriers for medical insurance provide rates for a 12-month period and some may offer a renewal rate cap for the following year depending on their underwriting criteria.

Claims can fluctuate dramatically, regulatory changes and new mandates that could result in higher premium are also unknowns.  We use our own proprietary underwriting tools for our analytical work to project forward the claims liability and projected administrative expenses.  We share our analysis with clients so they understand how their premiums are calculated relative to the costs and projections of their group specific claims experience.  For our clients, we analyze historical data over the past 3 years to understand any benefit changes that took place during that time frame as well as high cost claimants information, we then model out and share long-term forecasting.

As we review future costs, we can strategize on plan design adjustments and objectives, as well as contribution tactics to work towards a 3-year strategy.*  We can provide an approach to the steps required to attain that goal.

A successful long-term strategy begins with understanding your needs and objectives, your history and current status, and then working with you to outline the plan to achieve the results.

*We cannot predict with any certainty the health conditions of existing or new employees and their dependents, and the impact that can have on claims utilization, which could result in adjustments to the long-term strategy.




1) LEARNabout your company and your objectives through a detailed assessment where we study all aspects and the current status of the organization

2) ANALYZEyour needs and establish goals by meticulously reviewing all of the current in-force plans, policies and practices in place

3) DESIGNa plan to meet your needs by collaborating with our provider partners and examining all of the tools and resources necessary. Together with your organization we will develop a custom integrated solution, the road map for success

4) MANAGE your plan, controlling costs and accomplishing goals

5) ADVOCATEon your behalf, keeping pace with the ever-changing benefits landscape


Every organization faces its own set of challenges. You have many competitors sharing your market space, however, your organization is unlike any other.  And that means that a “cookie cutter” solution for your employee benefits plan is simply not enough.

We start with a clean slate and design a program that truly works for you. We help build your plan piece by piece, making sure each coverage component and provision fits into your vision.  Guided by your wishes regarding product preference(s), employee needs, and budget, we will make a recommendation for the employee benefit portfolio that will best suit your organization.

Our local agency has several proprietary ideas and strategies that we easily and successfully execute for our customers.  These changes have made significant improvements with our customers’ claims and afforded them great savings. Following a thorough review, we conduct an analysis of the historical data and current benefits.  We will then utilize those findings to develop a strategic plan that fits within the parameters set forth by the customer to fulfill their needs and provide compliance.

Renewal and contract negotiations are one of Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley’s core strengths. 

Our extensive product knowledge and decades of experience in rating and underwriting gives our customers the best opportunity to secure the right product at the lowest rate.  As market conditions are constantly changing, our firm evaluates all available products and services to build an employee benefits program that meets the unique needs of each customers’ business.  That includes interviewing prospective insurers/vendors, and evaluating company data and specifications.

Working with the same historical claims experience data that the carrier’s underwriter is using to determine their rate, we analyze the numbers to determine our reasonable and justifiable rate.  Our knowledge paired with our respected reputation within the carrier community gives us, and therefore our customers, an unparalleled advantage.


Our agency has access to several industry sources to track national and local trends and obtain comparative data. The scope of our book of business paired with our close carrier relationships allow us to provide our customers a customized, comparative analysis to their peers, and the local and the national markets. We provide comparative data on benefit design trends, cost and utilization patterns, and rate structure to our customers.

Our staff excels at financial modeling, using historical claims and enrollment experience to project future costs. Our specialization in employee benefits has helped our customers project costs for advance budgeting and consideration of possible alternative funding options with a high degree of accuracy. Working daily in the field with the carrier’s underwriters, we know the trend factors, can accurately estimate rate differentials for benefit changes, and calculate customer specific completion factors.


Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley has actuaries on staff with their services available as needed for customer-specific projects. Locally, we have a Marketing Department providing our customers with tremendous insight into the financial aspects of a carrier’s underwriting formula to identify areas for potential savings.

Our team reviews the claims utilization data, and we perform our own underwriting analysis to compare to the carrier’s renewal. Our analysis enables us to negotiate the best possible renewal rates for our customers to ensure the program is managed effectively. We pay close attention to the carrier’s underwriting factors, such as stop loss/pooling charges, reserve adjustments, administrative charges and trend levels. We can quickly identify deviations to the norm and address those to avoid our customers paying more than they should.

Our analysis of the claims data helps us to identify trends which may or may not be consistent with past experience and has resulted in cost savings measures for our customers by identifying plan design opportunities to shift utilization and positively impact future claims liabilities.


Our ability to assist employees with claim issues has become a hallmark of our reputation.   Our teammates have been asked to intervene on behalf of employees for a variety of issues.  In accordance with Privacy Regulations, all our teammates are trained in HIPAA compliancy.

Our firm is very successful in assisting employees with claims adjudication issues through the insurance companies.  In addition to claim issues, our Service Team may be called upon to deal with administrative concerns such as incorrect billings and/or enrollment matters.  Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley does not subcontract any aspect of claims handling for our customers.

Depending on the complexity of the issue, our goal is to resolve issues as quickly as possible.  Our teammates returns phone calls and/or emails within 24 hours.  Our policy is to keep our customers in the loop during the process so they are aware that we are working on their behalf to get the issue resolved on a timely basis.


  • Benefits education for employees ranging from new hire orientation meetings and new carrier implementation meetings, to health fairs, or a more confidential benefits Q&A session
  • Conducts open enrollment meetings to educate employees about the benefits program, and how to maximize the benefits being provided
  • Drafts employee memos and provide you with the required annual employer notices
  • Our benefits administration system also helps in the benefits communication process.  We have customized open enrollment guides, side-by-side benefits comparisons, and much more
  • In the event of a carrier change, our firm coordinates all aspects of the new carrier implementation including onsite employee education and enrollment meetings with the goal to experience a smooth and pain free transition. In most circumstances, our firm presents to the leadership of the various employee bargaining groups, and then to the staff as a whole



Benefits Administration technology provides employers the means to interact with employees quickly and efficiently. Brown & Brown has developed relationships with several industry leading Human Resource Information Technology vendors. Each vendor offers different levels and platforms to suit any business’s needs. We assist our customers with selecting the technology that best fits their organization.


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